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    • Linhz's purpose is to create a unique nail spa in markets that will attract people who are looking to have an enjoyable spa experience. Begun as a dream of its dedicated owner, we nurtured this dream, shared it with others, and built a thriving center committed to the health and wellness of its clients. We offer our guests numerous therapies, treatments, products and nail services that embody the healing traditions of many cultures. Our aim is to provide all guests with impeccable service through experiences that nurture the body, mind and spirit.

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    • We aim to enlighten our clients about nail wellness, guiding you every step of the way to achieve the look you desire in the health and beauty of your nails. Our specialists receive continued training and education. We are passionate in learning about the latest products, and we pride ourselves on evolving with the times, but we still remain true to our core values.

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    • Looking for the  place to host your next event?  Well, look no further.  Whether it’s a girls’ night out  or a large scale get-together for the office… we’ve got you covered.

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    • Online Scheduling 24/7

      We are your 24/7 front desk. Now, the new web-based system of Linhz's allows you to access the business website, view your services' availability and make appointments anytime, anywhere at your convenience. Please click the icon below.

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      We are your 24/7 front desk for our clients. The client can easily access the business website and view all the services, including buying gift cards, becoming a member, checking availability, and making  an appointment with us online 24/7.


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    • 5 Superfoods to Help Boost Your Nail Growth

      Fingernails and toenails have more than just aesthetic value. They serve an important function, which is to protect the delicate nail beds from injury and infection. However, diet, certain health conditions, and various environmental factors can play major roles in nail growth. To attain strong, healthy nails that grow at a desirable rate, it’s vital to maintain a nutrient-rich diet containing [...]

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